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Why it's time to move family dinner to the local bistro

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If you are in charge of organising the weekly family dinner for your family you'll know it tends to be a lot of work for the organiser, albeit enjoyable for everyone. Moving the regularly family dinner to a restaurant can lower the workload and make it a fun night for all.

Individual orders

Trying to find a dish that pleases all members of the family can be a challenge particularly if some of the food requests are opposing - for example when your teenager's new adoption of a strict vegetarian diet contradicts Dad's insistence that all meals need to have at least two meat ingredients! At a restaurant everyone can order a meal that suits their own tastes rather than being forced to eat a compromised dish that no one really enjoys or the cook being forced to make multiple meals to cater for everyone's taste.

No clean up

If your table is suddenly deserted at the end of the meal as the kids seem to suddenly remember homework and Mum remembers she needs to make an important work phone call as soon as some help cleaning up is required, a restaurant is also a great option. With all of the cleaning up taken care of, there is no need for a big clean up of the kitchen and dining area following a big meal. This helps everyone relax and enjoy the meal. 

Enough space

If your family has grown over the years and struggle to fit the kids, grandkids and assorted extra guests it can be hard to fit everyone around one table. At a restaurant there is more flexibility to organise the tables and no one will be left sitting on the old wonky computer chair for dinner.

Shared financial load

If your children are older and you find yourself being eaten and drunk out of home by a succession of boyfriends or girlfriends you don't really know, a switch to a restaurant meal with a split tab can help to share the financial load. You may find your children suddenly being a little more cautious with how much expensive wine they consume if they know that it needs to be paid for at the end of the meal.

There are so many great reasons to move to a family restaurant meal instead of cooking at home. A family meal at a restaurant is enjoyable and lowers the workload for everyone, especially parents. Look for restaurants like Currambine Bar & Bistro in your area and consider visiting different styles of restaurants depending on the occasion.