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3 Simple Tips for Running a Successful Bakery

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When you're ready to open a bakery, either from home or as a storefront, you want to ensure that you're ready to make your business a success. Even the best baker will need to understand some basics about actually running a successful business, including keeping up with the competition and ensuring that you're always getting new customers to your doors. Check out a few simple but very important tips that can help.

Get a website

You may not think you need a website if you don't sell items online, but customers may automatically go to the internet to confirm your business location and hours, or look for a phone number to place an order. Your website can also work to advertise your products so customers feel compelled to buy something they weren't actually shopping for!

Adding your website name to packaging, business cards, and other materials can also get your company name in front of people more easily than a phone number or address, both of which are often difficult for people to remember. If you don't know how to build your own website, find a hosting site that offers templates you simply fill out, or have a web designer do this for you.

Check out the competition

A successful business will always be checking out the competition; what they offer, their pricing, seasonal sales and specials, and the like. You need to do the same; go online and look for other nearby bakeries and note the products they offer and how much they charge. If you're opening a storefront, browse other bakeries and even small coffee shops and diners in the area, and note their menu items and prices. This can give you an idea if you're being competitive or are pricing yourself out of the market.

Expand your product lines

You may want to only bake wedding cakes or another specialty item, and this can be sufficient for some bakeries to be a success, but if your sales are suffering, consider expanding your product lines. This is especially important for a storefront, as customers may want a variety of pastries from which to choose when looking for an after dinner treat or sweet snack while out shopping. Opt for products that your customers are often looking for; consider colourful cupcakes if you often get customers who bring in their children, such as a bakery located in a shopping mall, as an example. The more products you offer, the more sales you might get, and the more profits you'll enjoy.