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Spit Roasts | 4 Step-By-Step Instructions To Set Up A Backyard Spit Roast

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Spit roasts are ideal for backyard get-togethers with friends and family, but they can be daunting when you don't know how to work with them. If you have chosen to rent a spit from a company like Victorian Golden Roast for a summer soiree, this step-by-step guide offers smart instructions to help you set up a backyard spit roast.

Choose A Spot In Your Backyard

Before setting up spit roasts and lighting the fire, you'll naturally wan to choose the right spot in your backyard. Choose a sheltered spot that isn't directly in someone's way or too close to your plants, so you don't cause any undue damage when the roast is cooking on the charcoal spit. Choosing your spot early is also important because you cannot move the spit easily when the roast is cooking. You must also consider forecasts for weather changes and high winds on the day you intend to host your spit roast party.

Set Up The Meat On The Main Bar

Once you have set up the spit roast in a specific spot in your backyard, you will need to place the meat on the main bar. Use a worktable to fasten the meat gradually on to the main bar, so that the meat weight is evenly distributed above the spitfire. This will ensure that meat remains secure and stable as it revolves above the fire for several hours.

Add The Charcoal And Light The Fire

To light any fire for spit roasts, you must remove the meat bar and set it on a nearby table. Cover the bottom of the spit roast box with adequate layers of charcoal set closely together. You can use any lighter to ignite the fire. Allow this fire to build up in the spit for several minutes before fastening the meat bar on it. Charcoal is available at most retail supermarkets, so you can easily purchase the quantity you need for your party. Keep in mind that meats like beef, lamb and pork may take a few hours to become succulent, so you will need to purchase enough charcoal to keep the fire going. Your spit rental vendor should be able to give you an estimated charcoal amount based on the size of their spit roasts.

Switch On The Rotating Motor To Start Cooking

Once you place the meat on to the spit, switch on the motor to begin the process of cooking. Keep track of the fire because you may need to add charcoal every once in a while for the meat to keep cooking.

These step-by-step instructions will help you set up perfect spit roasts for your next backyard party.