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Tasty gluten free party catering

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As dietary restrictions have gotten stricter, it has gotten more a challenging for party organisers to come up with finger food catering to suit everyone. If you are looking to broaden out your canapé options for the gluten free crowd/raw food, read on.

Fresh sushi

Fresh sushi is both delicious, and easy to eat as a finger food. Ensure that the wasabi, mayonnaise and any dipping sauces are also gluten free with a sushi catering company, as some soy sauces and wasabis are thickened with wheat products. Sushi is easy to pile intro attractive serving platters and can even be used to recreate messages or corporate logos of the main tables, for some unique photo opportunities.

Also ensure that the seafood used in the sushi is clearly marked, as shellfish is another common allergens. Try adding some vegetarian and tofu sushi options as well, to give the broadest possible appeal.

Vegetable crudités

While limp carrot sticks aren't that appealing, you can make a vegetable platter more interesting by including a range of fresh crisp vegetable and vegetable squares on bamboo skewers. Use a variety of vegetables, with different textures and colours. In season vegetables can be affordable and interesting.

Try adding some spicy dipping sources so add some extra kick and delicious textures.

Rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls are filled with julienned vegetables, herbs and noodles. Some people add nuts and protein sources to make the rolls more filling and add extra flavour. Again, the dipping sources can be sources of unexpected gluten so ask the caterers to keep these clearly marked and separate from any gluten free platters.

Hot vegetable wedges

Hot potato wedges are always popular at corporate catering events. You can add some interest by including other vegetables such as beetroot, zucchini or sweet potato to the mix, and oven baking or coating in cornmeal and lightly frying the wedges. Many people on a gluten free diet avoid wedges as the battering can be high in gluten, so be sure to mark these as gluten free treats.

Wedges are traditionally not that healthy, but by adding some different vegetables to the mix you can lower the calories and up the fibre content of the meal while keeping a great taste.

As you can see there are many options for finger food that are high on taste. Pick-up a sushi roll for lunch today, purely for research of course!